Be more.
Develop soft skills.
Reach new heights.
Be more.
Develop soft skills.
Reach new heights.

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Storytelling for Presenting and Life

Public Speaking: Present Anything to Anyone - Level 1

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1st December - 17th December

Storytelling is one of a few skills that can bring your communication skills to a totally new level: you will learn to amuse people, connect with them emotionally, change their perspectives and inspire them with your ideas just using the power of your stories.
24th August - 14th September 

When you hear public speaking you probably imagine a large stage with 100s of eyes looking at you. Even the thought of such a thing can be terrifying. This course goes much broader than that. We aim to equip you with the must-have confidence and communication techniques you need in all settings: the stage, the meeting room and even simply in a company of friends.


You will have an instructor working with you in real-time who you can see and interact with 


You will be sharing ideas in small groups with other participants and receiving instant feedeback


You will learn the theory and apply it straight away as part of the lesson
Learn & Enjoy ;)

Skillsme Approach

Studies show that the most effective way to obtain any skill is through engagement, practice and instant feedback, which are the underlying principles of all our courses. Our students spend most of their time practising new skills in our safe and friendly environment, so once their course is over they can easily transfer and apply them in the real world.
Diana Robertson
I remember how terrible my first presentation in public went. I was a university student when that terrible experience made me conclude that people who present well are born that way. I wish somebody told me about the limitless human potential then. Many years later I learned how to speak in public on a professional level. This is when I realised that anybody can learn anything, even the "soft" skills. And with the right approach, it's not as hard as it seems. This inspired me to start Skillsme Academy and empower people around the world to become a better version of themselves.

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