Storytelling for Presenting and Life

for Presenting
​and Life

Interactive online course

Interactive online course

19th January - 14th February 2021

Talk so people listen

Find out how to keep your audience mesmerised and wanting to hear more

Connect to people's hearts

Connect to people's hearts
Learn to tap into people's emotions and make them feel what you want them to feel

Become more persuasive

Influence people's behaviour and change their perspective 

Impress your friends

Your friends, family and colleagues will be impressed with your new skills and relish future conversations with you

Explain difficult concepts with ease

Learn new ways to explain challenging concepts in a more interesting and engaging way

Inspire people with your ideas

Be able to energise, motivate and inspire people

 Why take a Storytelling Course?

Streaming Live

You will have an instructor working with you in real-time who you can see and interact with 


You will be sharing stories in small groups with other participants and receiving instant feedeback


You will learn storytelling theory and apply it straight away

Become a Storyteller by enrolling in this interactive online course 

Business people

If you manage people, work with clients, investors, or need to present ideas at work

Education and HR

If you teach, train, coach or work in the people development field

Personal life

If you want to improve communication with friends and family

This course is best for

By the end of the course, you will have told and polished
dozens of stories, reaching new heights of Storytelling!
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≈ $165 / €140

Course dates: 
 19th Jan, 21st Jan, 26th Jan,
28th Jan, 1st Feb, 4th Feb

19:00-21:00 BST
(London, GMT)
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Length: Six two hour sessions
Format: Online in real-time
Language: English

Requirements: a device with a stable
internet connection, a working microphone
and an installed Zoom app (free).
Web camera is advisable, yet not a must.


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Dates don't suit you?

Dates don't suit you?

Join the waiting list to be informed about future intakes that suit your availability
Join the waiting list to be informed about future intakes that suit your availability
What you will learn
In each session, you will be "giving birth" to your stories and
by the end of this course, you will have prepared, performed and polished dozens of stories
Session 1:
The Power of Stories
Session 4:
Paint a Picture
Session 2:
Story Creation
Session 5:
How Do I Sound?
Session 3:
Emotional Hooks
Session 6:
Prohibited Tricks
Learn to identify stories, why and when to use them. You will also see how stories can help you achieve desired results
Practise drawing a mental picture for your listeners and immersing them into your story
Understand the essential elements every story must have and practise crafting stories based on these elements
Practise grabbing and keeping listeners' attention with the power of your voice​
Learn to structure your story and apply emotional hooks to make it engaging
Discover the ethics of Storytelling. What is acceptable? What to avoid. You will also receive feedback on your latest story
Diana Robertson
Public Speaker, Storyteller, Trainer & Founder of Skillsme Soft Skills Academy
Thank you for providing invaluable information about the content of a good story. Of course, I had already heard a lot of it, in many forms, but you were the most successful in letting me understand what I could do with it and that’s probably because you let me think about these conflict situations, about what worth sharing I could find in my own life. I’ll use it in my upcoming speech contest. Thank you so much!
Brilliant delivery! Love the interaction, energy and enthusiasm. Thank you for so much useful material that I am planning to use in my speeches right away.

Cécile, Prague

Natalia, Moscow

Ready to become a storyteller?

Ready to become a storyteller?
What are the course dates?
Session 1: Tuesday 19th January
Session 2: Thursday 21st January
Session 3: Tuesday 26th January
Session 4: Thursday 28th January
Session 5: Tuesday 1st February
Session 6: Thursday 4th February

Time: 19:00-21:00 British Time (London GMT)
What happens if I miss one session?
All sessions are recorded, so you will be able to catch up by watching the free recording.
Can I watch the course at my own pace?
Not really. Like being in a physical classroom, lessons start and finish at a certain time. However, you can still catch up with your coursemates by watching the recordings, but that means that you will miss out on all the storytelling practice exercises.
What technical setup will I need?
You will need a stable internet connection on your device and access to a microphone. A web camera is advisable, yet not a must. The sessions will be held via Zoom app, so you will need to download a free version of Zoom to your device beforehand.
What happens when I finish the course?
You will get a certificate of completion and, most importantly, you will gain a new skill that will help you in many areas of your life!

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Get in touch with us and we will try to help.

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